Learning Through the Arts
in Western Newfoundland

Learning Through The Arts in Western Newfoundland (LTTA/WNL) is an innovative program that uses the arts as resources and tools to deliver and enrich the curriculum in Grades 1 to 6.

The key to this program is partnership – artists collaborate with teachers to create and deliver a series of three, 1 hour lessons on an arts-based project that enhances student learning of curriculum outcomes in Science, Maths, Language Arts, Social Studies, Health, Religion or Physical Education. Artists from different arts disciplines (drama/storytelling, dance, visual arts, and music) work with teachers and students in fifteen schools within Western Newfoundland, 5 urban and 10 rural. Lesson plans are created by artists through this partnership and added to our searchable database as a resource for teachers.

Please visit the link to “Search the Lesson Plans.

Who benefits from LTTA/WNL?

Students, teachers, artists and parents all benefit from LTTA/WNL. Students are encouraged to learn in new and enjoyable ways, use their imagination, explore and test ideas, and solve problems creatively in a collaborative and supportive environment that enhances their self esteem. Teachers are provided with in-servicing and the opportunity, in working with various artists, of engaging all students in curricula subjects by using creative art-based teaching strategies and projects. Artists, in turn, are able to work with the community and expand upon their professional skills by inventively adapting them to the teaching of young people in both urban and rural educational settings. Lastly, parents are rewarded by seeing their children take pleasure from learning in school. Ultimately, LTTA/WNL is an experience that parents, students, artists and teachers agree as being immensely rewarding, with a profound and lifelong influence on many students, inspiring them to pursue creative and fulfilling lifestyles.

Artists who have participated in the LTTA/WNL Program include:

-       Tara Manuel Rigler, Louise Gauthier, Merrick MacNeil, Mark Bradbury, Krista Hansen-Robitschek, Elinor Benjamin, Anne Gregory, Emily Pittman, Toshon Dawe, Joanne Kelly

-       Candice Pike, Brandon Pauls, Megan Forsey, Kristin Harris

Visual Art
-       Nancy Jacobsen, Jackie Alcock, Mandy Keeping, Diana Chisholm, Sam Caines, Katelyn Corbett, Charlotte Jones (former LTTA Local Coordinator), Chris Short, Audrey Feltham, Susy Randell, Brenda Stratton, Shirley Greer, Michelle Baikie, Logan Wood, Tina Dolter, Tessa May

-       Justin Mahoney, Aaron Smith, Bill Allan, Daniel Payne, Mike Madigan, Charles Mercer, Karen Michael, Johanne Jobin-McInnis, Heather Tuach, Louis McDonald, Mike McDonald, Pat Gregory (LTTA Program initiator and former Local Coordinator)

Participating schools are:
St. James All-Grade (Lark Harbour); St. Peter’s Academy (Benoit’s Cove); Gros Morne Academy (Rocky Harbour); Jakeman All-Grade (Trout River); Bonne Bay Academy (Woody Point); Hampden Academy; Main River Academy (Sop’s Arm); Elwood Elementary (Deer Lake); Pasadena Elementary; Templeton Academy (North Shore); C.C. Loughlin, Humber Elementary, J.J. Curling, St Gerard’s, Sacred Heart (Corner Brook).

We are supported by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador through the School District.

As a registered charity, sponsorships and donations are welcomed for furthering the program.

For further information please contact:
Chris Short, LTTA/WNL Coordinator
(709) 634 5646

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